Deemed to Comply

Demonstrating compliance

When builders and designers are working on a building at any stage, they need to show that their work complies with the Building Code and Building Act.


Using Alternative Solutions

When meeting the requirements of the Building Code, builders and designers can go down the path of ensuring their solutions are deemed to comply, or they can use Alternative Solutions.


Information and Guidance


Examples of information and guidance

MBIE issues guidance under section 175 (S175) of the Building Act. For example, the document called “Building work that does not require a building consent” is issued to help home-owners understand what building work can be carried out without a building consent under Schedule One of the Building Act.
For an example of a ‘cited’ standard, see NZS3604, which is cited in the Acceptable Solution for Building Code Clause B1, and provides information for timber-framed buildings in New Zealand.

For an example of a ‘cited’ code of practice, see “CCANZ – CP01: 2014 Code of Practice for weathertight concrete and concrete masonry construction”, which is cited in the Acceptable Solution for Building Code Clause E2, and provides information for making concrete weather-tight.

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For examples on information and guidance see the following:

Remember to check in regularly as information and guidance can be updated, and you should stay informed about these changes.

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