Topic outline

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    This learning module will support Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) learn about the requirements of the code of ethics and what actions they must take to comply with it. It may also be useful for the public who have commissioned an LBP to carry out, or supervise, building work. In addition, Building Consent Authorities may find it useful to learn more about the code of ethics that LPBs must comply with. Compliance with the code of ethics is required from 25 October 2022.




    LBPs, the public/homeowners, Building Consent Authorities.


    30 minutes.

    How to complete

    LBPs – Log into the learning module before you start working through it. Logging in means the learning module can be counted towards your skills maintenance activities. Once you have logged in, work through the entire learning module and answer the questions in the quiz at the end of each lesson.

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    Public/homeowners and Building Consent Authorities – Logging in is not required. You can work through the learning module, including taking the quiz at the end of each lesson.