Aotearoa Zealand experiences significant natural hazards that can damage buildings and infrastructure. We need to reduce the risk to, and from, our buildings when emergencies occur. We also need to be ready to respond to and recover from these emergencies. Successfully managing the use and assessment of buildings at this time can protect lives and maintain public confidence during stressful times for the affected community.

These learning modules will provide you with an overview of the legislative framework and the required processes and procedures for managing buildings in an emergency.

The modules will cover:

  • Roles and responsibilities during an emergency event and overview of key processes during a state of emergency,
  • the designation process,
  • core legislation including who is a ‘responsible person’ and available powers under the Building Act,
  • operating structure for Territorial Authorities during an emergency response including response team structures, developing an assessment plan and organising people and resources,
  • the Rapid Building Assessment process including placards and recovery.




For Territorial Authorities, Building assessors, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Rapid Building Assessors, home owners.


30 minutes.

How to complete

This module is the first part of four modules. Complete each module to complete the entire course. The course is part of the building management emergency program.

Useful Links

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